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All About Fika Wallart - Canadian Owned & Operated

  • Our team have over 10 years experience servicing both the consumer and commercial wall art sector.
  • Fika Wallart applies the latest in fabric dye sublimation technology to produce professional quality fabric wall prints for your home.
  • Our unique process results in superior image quality and spellbinding color vibrancy printed on a pleasing soft fabric.

Our Patented Reusable Frame System - Assembles in Minutes

No Tools Required

You’ll have a framed print in minutes.

Comes Together in a Snap

Simply click the frame components into place.

Tuck Fabric, You're Done

Slip your fabric print on and tuck in the edges.

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Purchase the frame once, swap out prints any time

  • Our patented reusable frame system can be repeatedly used to display different Fika fabric wall art on-demand, indefinitely.
  • Hang the frame once and easily swap between different fabric prints with every season, or even just on a whim.
  • Made with reclaimed materials and shipped conscientiously, sustainably showcase your most cherished memories or our curated gallery prints.
  • We also plant a tree for every frame purchase.

The Benefits of Fabric Wallart vs Canvas Prints

Never fades, unlike canvas prints

  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight has no impact, as fabric prints utilize a unique dye sublimation process similar to metal prints.
  • Instead of printing directly onto the fabric (which would be susceptible to damage), the image is contained within the fabric itself.
  • The end result is a long-lasting vibrant image that will never fade.

More realistic colors, smoother image recreation

  • Digital canvas printing is typically restricted to just 7 colours.
  • Our unique dye sublimation process allowed for a wider range of colour combinations, resulting in more accurate image recreation.
  • Fabric prints also do not use tiny dots (pixels) like canvas prints to recreate the image, resulting in a higher definition final product.